Woman reveals how she dropped three dress sizes in eight weeks


A woman has unveiled her incredible transformation after dropping three dress sizes in eight weeks – and puts it down to a vegan diet and ditching coffee and booze. 

At the end of last year journalist Ellie Phillips, 32, who lives in London, was a size 14-16 and aghast to discover she was bordering on ‘obese’ (over 39 per cent body fat).

In an effort to get fit, she took on the F45 Fulham challenge, which saw her attend fitness training five times a week, banish coffee and alcohol and switch her regular vegetarian diet for a weekly vegan delivery service.

And Ellie was astonished when, after eight weeks, she went down three dresses sizes and lost a stone. 

Here she tells FEMAIL how she achieved her remarkable transformation.

Ellie started out at a size 14/16

Ellie lost three dresses sizes, 7kg and 3.4 per cent body fat

Ellie Phillips, 32, who lives in London, lost over one stone and dropped three dress sizes after taking on an eight week fitness challenge (pictured left before at a size 14/16 and right, well on her way to being a size 8) 

What’s the catch? No coffee and no booze

I’ve always hated treadmills and running in general – the thought of doing a marathon fills me with horror. 

I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past but always felt incredibly…

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