Ring prompts users to share videos of ‘neighborly moments’ that show people doin…


Amazon’s Ring is now prompting users to share videos of ‘neighborly moments’ that show fellow community members doing good deeds

  • The Neighbors app now allows users to tag videos as ‘neighborly moments’
  • Ring wants users to boost good deeds captured on their cameras in the app
  • The tagging feature lets users filter out videos tagged as ‘crime’ or ‘suspicious’  

Amazon-owned home surveillance company, Ring, wants its users to be more ‘neighborly’ by sharing candid videos of their fellow citizens committing good deeds.

On Tuesday, the company introduced a ‘neighborly moments’ category to the company’s app – a tool that usually serves as a method for sharing ‘suspicious’ or apparently criminal behavior caught on camera with other Ring users and police.

The category, as Ring puts it, is meant to boost attention to positive deeds in one’s community like ‘cleaning a driveway for a neighbor who is sick’ or ‘securing a delivered package when another neighbor is away.’

‘At Ring, we want to make it even easier for you to share those good deeds with your community,’…

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