Mother-of-two, 31, is dying of incurable cervical cancer after doctors refused a…


A mother-of-two with incurable cervical cancer says her life could have been saved if she had been given a smear test on demand.

Maxine Smith started bleeding after sex aged 27 – a symptom of the disease. The 31-year-old visited her doctor several times in 2016 because she was worried.

She claims a smear test was refused because she wasn’t due one until the next year. Women aged between 25 and 49 are invited for a screening every three years. 

Instead, the hairdresser was given STI tests and told the bleeding was likely to be a side effect of taking the contraceptive pill.

Ms Smith moved from Congelton, Cheshire, to Cheadle, Greater Manchester, and was able to get a smear test when she asked her new GP.

A smear test doesn’t spot cancer. Instead it looks for abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix that could develop into cancer.

In January 2018, doctors diagnosed Ms Smith with grade three cervical cancer – the most severe. They spotted a 3cm tumour on her cervix.   

Ms Smith was told in November 2019 that her cancer had spread and was incurable, despite having undergone several rounds of chemotherapy. 

She is now making the most of her time with her children George, six,…

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