Does the performance of an electric car decline when the temperature drops?


The performance of an electric car plummets when the temperature drops: Here’s three ways to boost batteries when it is cold

  • Range can drop by as much as 50% due to repeat cold starts, experts said
  • That’s because electric cars produce far less waste heat than petrol or diesels
  • It means owners need to rely on heaters to warm the cabin, which saps power
  • Cooler conditions also impacts charging time, battery performance and how regenerative brakes operate 

More drivers are likely considering making the switch to electric vehicles given recent news that the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could be banned as early as 2032.

But that’s not to say motorists don’t have their concerns; primarily centred around range anxiety, a lack of public charging infrastructure, how the national grid will cope with increased demand and the upfront cost of plug-in vehicles.

But another question that might be on the lips of potential buyers – especially at this time of year – is if there is a dip in performance when the weather turns colder? 

Temperature toll: Electric car range, battery performance, charging times and effectiveness of regenerative braking all decline when weather conditions turn colder, according to VW


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